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I have decided that I am not okay with the swift kick in the balls life has given me….. Fate has dropped the gauntlet. This. Is. War. Challenge accepted….


More to come…..

I haven’t written on here in a while, but rest assured, I will be adding some new shit soon.


My Fight Rages on…

Let me just start off by saying as of today I am down 7lbs to 281.  I am Starting to feel really good, physically and mentally. My mood is beginning to change for the better. Not that I’m ever really a miserable person, although I go through my ups and downs like everyone else, I just feel … good. Now I don’t know if that’s because of the fact that I’ve lost seven pounds, or because I’m eating healthier, but nonetheless. 
    I would like to thank all the people who are rooting me on. One person in particular who told me I was very brave for putting my weight out for everyone to see. Io realize not everyone would be willing to do that but….
    Truth is I don’t really give a shit what people think about me. I’m working on bettering myself, so if people are like, “288! That guy is fat!”, what the hell do I care? Besides in actuality their right, which is why I’m doing something about it.  
    I would also like to thank all the people who are sending me ideas on what worked for them. I may or may not follow your advice but it’s appreciated all the same. 
    Now that that is out of the way, this whole eating healthy bullshit still isn’t easy. I doubt it will ever be. I think it’s just a matter of pushing yourself to stick with it and then finding a way to stay where you want to be when you get there. 
    My weekend was not THAT bad. I drank a little more beer than I wanted to on Saturday night and I ate a little more food for dinner on Sunday, but I basically stayed with eating every three hours. I didn’t eat as healthy as I would have like for dinner on both days either, but I did control my portions for the most part.  In any case, MY FIGHT RAGES ON…..



Well, well, well. Down 5lbs as of yesterday morning to 283. More tomorrow… Boom!


The Battle…

Make no mistake. I am in a battle. A battle of wills, of physical health, and and a battle of the mind. I am a warrior on the battlefield of weight loss. I am alone against countless foes. And I AM out for blood. 
    I slash and hack at hunger. I dodge and feign. And every time I drop hunger two more appear. I slay one, but do not see the other. A quick slash and I bleed. I am wounded but not finished. Damn you pizza…..

    I started out great this morning. I stayed with eating every two to three hours. Fruit and vegetables and the like. They had hot dogs today at work. I did not partake. Then I came home and ate two slices of pizza. Not horrible as I normally would have eaten four, but not good nonetheless. But I will still stay strong! Today is another day! Stay tuned fans….


Getting my Fat ass in shape: day 1 and 2

    Well we’re back fans of the fitness. I started my diet yesterday and am going strong! Yesterday morning my weigh in was 288. I have set my goal weight at 200lbs. I’m on my way. 
Just a little insight as to what I’m doing to “Get my fat ass in shape”, I started the morning with a Greek yogurt. Every two and a half to three hours I’m alternating between a snack and meal. I’m just eating healthy. No salt. No refined sugars. Just healthy living. I’m drinking a lot of water and only water. I even cut out coffee, God help me. Lots of salad, grilled chicken, and fruits. And VERY small portions. 
    I had to refine my breakfast this morning as I felt like I was getting hunger headaches yesterday, so today I threw in a small banana with my yogurt. 
    Pray for me people. Yesterday I thought I was gonna die when my co-workers ordered out. I have no idea what they were eating but it smelled so good It made my stomach hurt! But I stood resilient! I will not be denied! I will reach my goal! 
    Stay with mon friends on this journey of calories and fat intake. I will lose and lose BIG! 


The Road To Getting My Fat Ass In Shape…

    So I know I’ve always used this blog to review movies, but well I figured no ones reading it anyway and it will now be my own personal journal on my road to getting my fat ass in shape. 
    I’m a bit disappointed as last year I went on a diet that actually worked for me and lost about 50 pounds give or take. I now cannot find any motivation to do it again. I gained all my weight back. 
    Every week it’s the same thing. I say I’ll go back on my diet on Monday, and I either get lazy by then and say, “Screw it. I’ll just buy lunch today.”, or I start off eating healthy all day and get home and over eat for dinner. Hopefully this blog will give me the strength and will power to actually stop making excuses and do what I need to do to get healthy. I am giving myself a start date for this ‘road to getting my fat ass in shape’, which will be March 23rd. 
    This will be very hard for me. I will be completely and totally honest in my attempt to bring my body back to it’s former glory. Who my kidding? This body has never had any glory, but maybe writing it all down will get me to where I want to be. And maybe the one or two people who come across this blog will find something in it that will help them as well. See you in a couple of weeks….


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